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We cultivate an ecosystem of exceptional people and enduring partnerships to sustain MIT’s pursuit of world-class education, cutting edge research, and groundbreaking innovation.

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    MITIMCo supports MIT through returns generated from investing the Institute’s financial resources.  


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    We seek to partner with exceptional investment managers who possess durable competitive advantages.  

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  • "At MITIMCo, I felt a team chemistry and ‘bonding’ that could only be engineered at the best technical university this side of the Milky Way Galaxy."

    former intern
  • Work at MIT that inspires me: I am inspired by MIT's entrepreneurial roots and culture of innovation. This enables the brilliant minds at MIT to mobilize their world-changing ideas towards solving the world's most challenging and complex problems.

    Nate Chesley
  • "MIT enables us to work at our best. They are true long-term investors. They develop the confidence to invest with us over the long term much as we do with the companies in which we invest: through careful due diligence and ongoing monitoring."

    Investment Manager Partner
  • Favorite Cambridge lunch spot: Miracle of Science (who doesn't like a restaurant that uses a periodic table as a menu!)

    Lisa Schaefer
  • Favorite part of my work at MITIMCo: The strong culture of teamwork, and the opportunity to work alongside an exceptional group of talented, insightful colleagues.

    Emma Somers-Roy
  • Important insight from my career: The compounding of skills and knowledge is like the compounding of money - even an extra 15 minutes of focus on something every day can lead to enormous improvement over time.

    Seth Alexander
  • "This organization is a wonderful place to work for anyone who is deeply interested in making a difference as an investment professional… [MITIMCo] attracts fabulous people and creates a collegial, competitive, and fun environment that is extremely hard to beat."

    former employee
  • People who inspire me: As part of my job, I learn a lot about MIT alums. Each donor inspires me.

    Christine Martignetti
  • "MIT is staffed with smart, engaged and energetic professionals who make the relationship enjoyable, challenging and interesting for us."

    From our Investment Manager Partners
  • Work at MIT that inspires me: The attitude of MIT's researchers across the spectrum, the "when" not "if" they solve something, is incredibly motivating.

    Matt Fisher
  • Book I'd happily read 100 times: None. Too many books, too little time.

    Kim Pandapas
  • Insight from my career: It is easy to get bogged down in the micro details of whatever is the issue of the day. It is important to keep things in perspective and think long term.

    Patrick Rowe
  • Companies I admire: I admire companies that tenaciously pursue excellence. Working at MITIMCo, we get to interact with many such organizations through our partners. Understanding their motivations and strategies is a source of constant learning.

    Matt Fisher