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The MIT Investment Management Company supports MIT through the returns generated from investing the Institute’s financial resources.

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The returns earned on MIT’s investments support a wide array of academic and research activities. MITIMCo reports to the President of the Institute and the MITIMCo Board of Directors. Members of the MITIMCo board are appointed by MIT’s Executive Committee.

Cambridge Real Estate Team

The Cambridge Real Estate Team manages MIT’s investment real estate holdings in Cambridge. This consists of:

• Maintaining and improving the quality of the innovation environment in Cambridge and surrounding the campus
• Creating direct economic support for the Institute
• Ensuring that the Institute has appropriate amounts of flexible space to accommodate its evolving long-term needs

Global Investment Team

The Investment Team sources, executes, and manages investments. This involves:

• Supporting active managers by being great partners
• Travelling globally to identify exceptional people and investment opportunities
• Allocating capital on a bottom-up basis

Operations Team

The Operations Team provides the platform that supports the investment process and ensures the integrity of the financial reporting. This includes:

• Acting as a reliable information resource to provide data, reports, and analysis on a timely basis
• Maintaining positive relationships and communication with internal associates, external service providers, investment affiliates, donors, and other interested parties
• Building infrastructure to manage and anticipate operational requirements for new investments
• Continually improving the efficiency of operational procedures

  • Mike Fahey

    Mike Fahey

    Best part of working at MITIMCo: It has a strong entrepreneurial flavor, yet one is helping fulfill the mission of a world renowned institution.

  • Emma

    Emma Sommers-Roy

    Favorite part of my work at MITIMCo: The strong culture of teamwork, and the opportunity to work alongside an exceptional group of talented, insightful colleagues.

  • Nate

    Nate Chesley

    Work at MIT that inspires me: I am inspired by MIT's entrepreneurial roots and culture of innovation. This enables the brilliant minds at MIT to mobilize their world-changing ideas towards solving the world's most challenging and complex problems.

  • Yongchun

    Yongchun Tian

    Favorite part of my work at MITIMCo: I get to meet and work with some of the smartest investors and listen to their insight and experience, which is extremely intriguing and fulfilling.

  • Alexis

    Alexis Niles

    Favorite part of my work at MITIMCo: Interacting with donors who have a strong commitment to seeing MIT maintain its lead as the best engineering school in the world.

  • Michael Whamond

    Allen Breed

    Inspiration from MIT: MIT brings the most brilliant minds in the world together to solve mankind's greatest challenges. One can find the world’s leading authorities on a variety of topics within the grounds of this campus.

  • Jennifer

    Jennifer Conway

    Research at MIT that inspires me: The SENSEable City Lab approaches the study of the urban environment in innovative ways that are transforming how we understand cities.

  • Sylvia Williams

    Sylvia Williams

    Research at MIT that inspires you: I am inspired each day by the new and exciting student work featured on MIT's homepage.

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MIT is a catalyst for entrepreneurial innovation, scientific breakthroughs, and technological advances. At MITMCo we draw inspiration from the remarkable work emerging across the campus. As financial stewards, we challenge ourselves daily to uphold the ethos and rigor of the Institute. MIT acts as a magnet for investment and entrepreneurship, as is made evident by the growing innovation cluster in Cambridge.

Learn more about MIT here and download the MIT Briefing Book.


Discover MIT

Research Contributions

MIT has been a global leader in research and development since its founding. Outstanding achievements of the Institute’s faculty and graduates include the first chemical synthesis of penicillin and vitamin A, the creation of inertial guidance systems for the Apollo space program, the development of the world’s first biomedical prosthetic device, and the production of magnetic core memory, which paved the way to digital computers.

Interdisciplinary Work

Since its founding in 1861 as a multidisciplinary polytechnic institute, MIT has remained dedicated to the integration of once disparate fields. Just as the demands of the Industrial Revolution required the melding of science and engineering, advances today require dynamic and creative solutions that cannot be provided by a single discipline. The Institute actively supports, creates, and encourages the evolution of its academic departments and organizations in accordance with this spirit. Biomedical engineering, environmental policy, and artificial intelligence are just a few areas being tackled in this manner. Another prime example is the MIT Media Lab, where researchers “check traditional disciplines at the door” to work on projects that range from developing prosthetic limbs to producing classical music.


The Institute is committed to ensuring that the work of faculty, students, and alumni is translated into real-world applications. This is accomplished through grants, innovation contests, corporate collaborations, and technology licensing. Examples of entrepreneurial initiatives can be seen across campus. For example, the MIT $100K Entrepreneurship Competition challenges students to pitch ideas, build products, and launch companies. Similarly, the Deshpande Center for Technological Innovation helps faculty and students commercialize their technologies and inventions. So far the Center has funded over 100 projects and helped spur the creation of 29 spinout companies.

Global Reach

MIT continues to develop partnerships around the world, through unique initiatives with universities abroad and a plethora of internationally-oriented programs, which serve to inspire members of the MIT community to work towards the betterment of humankind. One example is MIT International Science and Technology Initiatives (MISTI), an international education program. MISTI gives MIT students the opportunity to work abroad through fully-funded internship, research, and teaching opportunities. They also advance outreach through collaborations and partnerships with leading companies, research institutes and universities around the world.

Service to Society

Research-backed public service is highly valued in the MIT community. A number of MIT centers encourage service. The Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab (J-PAL) is one notable example. J-PAL’s goal is to reduce poverty by ensuring that policy is based on scientific evidence. The lab runs evaluations of poverty programs in over 30 countries, builds capacity to run these evaluations, and works to disseminate the results and promote scale-up of efficient policies. The lab works on issues as diverse as boosting girls’ attendance at school, improving the output of farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa, and overcoming racial bias in employment in the US.

Financial Aid

MIT is committed to educating the world’s most talented and promising students, and therefore admits candidates without regard to financial circumstances. 90% of undergraduates and 86% of graduate and professional students receive financial aid, with MIT itself as the largest source. The largest source of undergraduate financial aid is MIT’s need-based scholarships that do not have to be paid back.

Reinventing Education

To remain at the forefront of change, the Institute believes it is vital to reinvent education to better address new challenges. Recently MIT created an Institute-wide Task Force on the Future of MIT Education to improve the sustainability and global impact of the Institute. Since 1983 with the launch of Project Athena, MIT has been a leader in online education and MOOCs (massive online open courses). Today, people from all over the world can access materials directly from MIT courses through OpenCourseWare or participate in interactive online courses taught by Institute professors through MITx, part of the edX collaboration involving many of the world’s best universities. MITx courses include Evaluating Social Programs, Street-Fighting Math, Global Warming Science, and Circuits and Electronics.